About Us

Geoff McDonald is the Ideas Architect and creator of Ideas Marketing.

As a former Architect he no longer designs buildings. Instead he designs ideas – Ideas designed to make you stand out and your audiences think, act and live in new ways. Geoff believes:

“Ideas are fuel for driving your business forward. And, whilst most people have good ideas, they don’t seem to know how to design, build and sell their big idea. And, there’s nothing worse than not fulfilling your potential.”

Geoff has also…

  • Authored and self-published four books – including a children’s book.
  • Authored 29 issues of Book Rapper – visual book summaries downloaded over 40,000 times.
  • Created Twit Rapper – business books summarized in 26 tweets.
  • Created the Lifestyle Health Check – a survey tool for measuring how satisfied you are with your life.
  • Holds Bachelor and Masters degrees in Architecture.
  • Has extensive training and learning experience including:
    • Master Practitioner in NLP,
    • Accelerative Learning,
    • Mind Mapping and a
    • Diploma of Ontological Coaching.
  • Run a website design and strategy business and is fluent in social media. ; )
  • Leads the Ideas Lunch webinar and presentation series.
  • Presented at International Design Conferences in the US, Canada and Australia.
  • Studied and worked overseas for three years after trading on the stockmarket.
  • Exhibited his paintings and sculptures.
  • Become a gym-junkie – a sharp mind starts with a fit body.
  • Designed a series of board games and card games.
  • Creator of 1000 Manifestos – a project to collect, inspire and share 1000 manifestos to upset the status quo and create a world that works.