Ideas Marketing Services

Ideas Hour

Given the business we are in you can probably imagine that we get a lot of requests like this… “Can I [buy you a coffee] [buy you lunch] [call you] and pick your brain.” And, our reply is ‘Absolutely! That’s what we’re in business for.’ We call it the Ideas Hour and we charge a modest fee for this service.

Ideas Speaking

Geoff McDonald is an accomplished presenter with international experience presenting his ideas. If you want a spark, catalyst or fresh insights for your conference or organisation, Geoff can prepare a custom solution for you.

Ideas Workshops

Our core program ‘Design, Build and Sell Your Idea’ has just been launched in Melbourne. You can join us here, we could partner with you to do it in your home location or for your organisation.

Ideas Programs

Our workshop is backed by a program that includes 7 specific modules that runs over 18 months. You can join us with this program or we can provide a custom version specially for you.

Ideas You

If you’d like a custom program to fulfil your BIG idea then we can design this with you. With today’s technology we can manage this regardless of your location.