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Here’s a list of some of our previous webinar events…

How To Attract More Ideal Clients More Easily

Do you have enough clients? Are they your ideal clients? And, how hard are you working to have them work with you? In this webinar we explore how you can stand out from the crowd and stop being just another service provider competing on price and constantly chasing clients. We present a big idea that solves this important business issue and some practical tips for you to implement straight after the event.


How to Create Your BIG Idea

The key to attracting your ideal clients more easily is to be known for a BIG idea. An idea your clients use to produce results in their lives/business. In this webinar you’ll learn:

•    Which of the Four Big Ideas is best suited to you
•    Create a context that takes your performance to new levels
•    Invent the rules that make you an expert in your field.


The Three Things Every Business Needs to Build

There are three essential elements that need to be built in every single business. For many business people they only focus on one of these. Whilst this might give them short term results, in today’s Idea Economy and Social Media world, this is no longer enough. In this webinar you’ll learn:

•    The three things every business needs to build
•    How to combine all three into a single focus
•    A simple plan for turning your hyperfocus into reality


How to Create a Cult Following

Most of the time branding is merely cosmetic. It makes you look good but doesn’t earn you any money. A more powerful approach is to design the systems and touch points your customers have with your business – your entire business. Do this well and you’ll attract customers, build loyalty and generate referrals.

In this webinar you’ll learn:
•    How to eliminate the need for cold calls by attracting referrals
•    Why One-on-one marketing doesn’t work and what to build instead
•    5 Key Ideas and 15 Actions you can take to create a cult following around your business right now


How to Get Paid to Promote Yourself

The holy grail of marketing is to get paid to promote yourself. This magical scenario is more achievable than you might think. And, in this webinar you’ll learn:
• Why books are dying
• What t-shirts, sunglasses and motor cars have in common
• Why a digital diary is significantly better than a paper one
• The easiest product you could probably ever create
• Why leaf blowers sell themselves
• Multiple ways to get paid to promote yourself


How to Create Your Visual Marketing Plan

A marketing plan you write and never use is like a getting a degree in a field you never work in. And, this could be so easily solved! The answer is to write a visual plan you complete in less than an hour and display on your wall. And that’s what we’ll be creating in this hands-on, practical, action-filled event. In this webinar you’ll:

•    Learn how to create a simple marketing plan.
•    Identify all the products and services you are currently offering – including some you probably didn’t realise…
•    Create new opportunities to earn more money by offering new products and services.
•    Merge your social media efforts with your products and services.
•    Define a simple pathway for your customers to buy more easily from you.
•    Outline a clear plan of attack to implement your marketing plan.


How to Create A Marketing Plan That Inspires You

Most marketing plans are designed for implementation. That’s important. And, it’s not enough. How many times have you known what needs to be done and not done it? A dry, dull, mechanical plan will do that to you. An alternative is to write your Marketing Plan as a Manifesto. In this way, you will be inspired as well as hyper clear on what you’re building and how to implement it.

In this hands-on, practical, action-filled event you’ll:
•    Define your big idea to attract your ideal clients more easily
•    Create a clear vision for you and your business to keep you focussed
•    Confirm who is your ideal client to make it easier to generate referrals
•    Design a Community around your idea to accelerate your results
•    Identify key elements to build your idea and bring your brand to life
•    Write a powerful statement of your intent to inspire your daily action

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Ideas Marketing Questions

We’ve now run 9 webinars around Ideas Marketing and how to design, build and sell your ideas. And, based on your requests, we want to open this webinar up to the questions you have. Here’s your Ideas Marketing questions answered…
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